Friday, April 17, 2015

Marco Bitran: Wilson Tennis Rackets


Wilson tennis rackets are designed and manufactured by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company based in Chicago in the USA. They have an influential portfolio of products and as well as tennis rackets they also produce sporting equipment for golf, baseball and American football and are truly focused on innovation and embracing emerging technologies. The company employs 1600 people globally who serve customers in over 100 countries.

It was only really after the second World War that Wilson focused on tennis and this saw the introduction of
Jack Kramer to its design and development team to produce the Jack Kramer signed tennis racket range.

This was to prove to be a turning point in the future success of the company and really drove the company forward in a positive way.

In 1979 Wilson had the distinction and honour of having its tennis balls used at the US Open and this has continued through to the current day. It was only later, in 2006, that their balls began to be used at the Australian Open.

Wilson continues to be a high class and competitive brand in the tennis racket market. High profile sponsorship of some of the world's top players means that their rackets need to stay abreast of technology and take innovation in their stride.

Pete Sampras was perhaps the first big name to champion Wilson tennis rackets and in particular the 'Pro Staff' model. In the Sampras era the racket was relatively heavy, at 350+ grams with a small head of 85 square inches. The big players on Wilson's books continued to use rackets similar to the Sampras rackets, in the Pro Staff range, for the next 10 years or so with small tweaks and improvements ensuring top performance.

In the latter parts of 2009 Wilson unveiled their latest line of rackets that would become known as the BLX range and have incorporated the latest racket technology.

In the modern day Wilson tennis rackets are used by many of the top tour professionals. In the men's game the best example would be Roger Federer and in the women's game there are a lot of top quality players to choose from including the Williams' sisters, Laura Robson and current Australian Open Champion Victoria Azarenka.

Professional players will of course work close with Wilson to add their own individual tweaks to the weight, stringing and tension of their rackets to match playing conditions and the type of playing surface.

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