Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marco Bitran: Synthetic Tennis Courts: Have Fun Without Compromising Safety


In this day and age, a lot of people venture into sports such as tennis. Aside from professional athletes, individuals now play tennis as a hobby. In fact, numerous homeowners prefer to have their very own synthetic tennis courts for convenience and practicality. But aside from these reasons, one should also include safety in their criteria when choosing the right tennis court.

How Safe are Synthetic Tennis Courts?

There are various types of tennis area - clay, grass, hard or acrylic and carpet. So if you are planning to have one in your home, then you may have a hard time in the selection process. With the advent of modern technology, people have become more creative. Synthetic tennis courts are even created to make the sport more accessible without having to go through a lot of hassle or spend on expensive maintenance.

However, before making your final decision regarding your tennis are you should also look at the following safety features:

• Slip resistance - Random occurrences or accidents such as slips and falls are major causes of tennis injuries. But with a tennis area made of artificial lawn, risks for such events are minimized. Thus, you can play anytime you want and the best part is that synthetic tennis courts are safe for children as well. A court that provides fun without compromising safety is definitely a good investment.
• Non-glare - Tennis players may be get eye strain from the glare of the sun. So when building courts, this problem should be taken into consideration.
• Good grip - Of course, tennis involves constant running and fast footwork. With a synthetic playing surface, you can guarantee sure footing in either dry or wet conditions.
• Easy to maintain - The need for minimum maintenance and cleaning can promote safety since you can easily get rid of settling water, fragments and other obstacles that can cause the player to slip or trip.

Tennis is absolutely a fun sports that is why more and more people have become interested in it. Well, if you are one of them, then a good idea is to construct your own tennis court so that you can play any time you want. You can get help from a reliable company for your needs related to artificial turf. Their team consists of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated individuals who does not only aim to provide well-built synthetic tennis courts, but safe ones as well.

Green Planet Grass is a specialist in installing synthetic tennis courts Perth, and aims to provide top quality & durable artificial turf in Perth & artificial grass.

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