Friday, May 8, 2015

Marco Bitran: Tips in Choosing the Proper Tennis Racquet String Tension


If you are a tennis player, getting the right tension is important in your performance. The tennis rackets string usually all come down to the player's preference in its tension. If you are new in selecting the tension of these rackets, here are some guide on how to do that.

There are tension ranges that are provided by the tennis racket manufacturer and to check for the tension, have a look at the throat of the tennis racket. There is a number at the bottom that describes the tension in your racket. If you are unsure on what tension you tennis rackets should have, it is always recommended choosing the average tension that rackets can provide. With that in mind, you can increase or decrease the tension until you have discovered the one that is right for you. All rackets have recommended tensions which are usually in the 50 to 60 pound range.

However, at the end of selecting a tension, it all depends on you. If you lower the tension you have an increase ball power, if you increase the tension, you will have increased control. If you are a power-type player you will definitely benefit from lower tensions, and if you prefer control over power, you will benefit from higher tension. Experienced players will definitely benefit from better control than power and if power is your choice, you can beat opponents through the speed of your ball, but you will be able to control it well.

Tennis rackets tension is important so your racket do not look as if you are hitting using a board or brick wall. This is usually experience when using a really high tension rackets because it causes the ball to flatten out thus allow the strings to bite the ball. This provides control. Players prefer tighter strings because it has adequate control but if you are a new tennis player, you will feel as if you are hitting with a board. If you have a lot of tennis rackets, you should consider having different tensions of the racket to adapt with certain conditions. Also, different rackets handle tensions differently.

So, if you have other rackets, there may be a chance that it will have a different feel even if both your rackets have equivalent tensions. Tennis rackets tension all matters with your personal preference. By trying out different tensions, you will get to know your own rackets tension. Just remember the rule of thumb when it comes to tensions. The higher the tension, the more control it has but lacks power, the lower the tension the more power it has but lacks control. These guidelines apply to most tennis players particularly if they are new in playing tennis.

However, if you are an absolute beginner, you won't like how higher tension works because it does not provide better control and a lower tension is not efficient as it may be too powerful for them to use. As a beginner, go for mid-range string tension to know the basics of tennis and find out what suits you best.

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